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~ Thursday, December 13 ~

Lighting the match…

Ohhhhhh girls…..

How to Meet Shy Girls

Extroverted girls are just too forward. There’s nothing for you to do as a man. They’ll just come running to you. You’ll ignore them for days or weeks in a row and they’ll still be calling and trying to see you. It’s too easy to seduce outgoing girls. You’ll meet them and then be in bed with them 45 minutes later. You don’t have to work for anything. When you don’t work for anything you don’t care about it, it means nothing. There’s no hunting involved so you just don’t care. A shy girl, on the other hand, takes some work to get. You will have to be the hunter rather than the hunted, as nature intended you to be.”

I’m really glad I’m not a shy girl because this man will never, ever want me.

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    This is beyond fucked up. “Shy girls do not typically have the black girl attitude of “I don’t need no man. I’m as...
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    There’s so much that blows mine about this. Someone definitely does not actually like girls.
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    What. The. Hell.
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    This article seriously makes me so ragey. There is so much wrong with it that I can’t even begin to describe.
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