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~ Monday, September 30 ~

I lost my book this weekend. Like routed around in my purse for a half hour, confused and afraid, trying to figure out where the book I only had 40 pages left to read in had gone.

(Spoiler alert: I left it at the bar, and my bartender friend confiscated it rather than leaving it for me to pick up the next morning)

Anywho, the outcome of this story is that I started rereading A Discovery of Witches, a lovely story of witch craft and European expanses, which features a LOT of wordporn about old books.

Then I remembered how much I loved People of the Book when I read it a few years ago, and I remembered that I really, really wanted to read some nonfiction on antiquarian books.



Tell me what to read please!

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  1. thelifeguardlibrarian said: sorrryyyyy i just saw this.
  2. mechamelissa said: I just got discovery of witches this weekend!
  3. filmgeekchic said: If you’re into YA, I just read 5th Wave by Rick Yancy and Dark Triumph by R. L. LaFevers. Both were excellent. Have you read Ready Player One? Loved that one.
  4. shes-reading-again said: YOU NEVER READ DISCOVERY OF WITCHES BEFORE?! oh man. I love that series.
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