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I want to be meta.

Oh I kind of love this.


I want to be meta.

Oh I kind of love this.

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9 required reading books that will change your life

Before you write off your high school or college reading list forever, take a moment to reconsider it. Here are nine books that you were probably meant to read at some point (we won’t judge you for skipping them) but now that grades are gone we recommend a revisit, especially in those important becoming a grown up moments. Plus there are some real world lessons in those pages that SparkNotes might have skipped right over. 

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I loved East of Eden. I loved it so much.

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Couples Counseling: My habits & Me

Couples Counseling: My habits & Me

It’s totally possible that I’ve damaged two of the relationships most central to my life.

I’m talking, of course, about books and food.

I didn’t think there was anything wrong. Then I was lying in bed at 3pm on a Sunday afternoon, thinking wistfully of the Girl Scout cookies I had eaten half a sleeve of not an hour before and skimming the final few pages of The Cassoulet Saved Our Marriageunder a…

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~ Saturday, March 8 ~
I started reading this about 2 hours ago. #books

I started reading this about 2 hours ago. #books

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Anonymous asked: We were reading Krapp's Last Tape in my English course in university. We talked about for an entire two hours, and all the while I kept thinking "are these homosexual undertones actually there or do I just spend too much time on tumblr?" Have you read it, and do you have any insight on if that is actually there? (I felt a little awkward about bringing it up to my professor if I was just imagining it). I can be more specific if you have read it.

I have not read it. The interesting thing I find in a lot of literature debate/discussion/dissection is that there is often a lot of wondering about what’s really meant by the writer whether it’s a feeling, an allusion to something like homosexual undertones, or a projection of feelings on a character or place.

We can’t really know unless we can ask the writer, right? 

I once read that a good book reviewer will tell you how a book changed them and a bad book reviewer will tell you about the book. If you look at it that way, you may see undertones that other people don’t because that’s what you’re thinking about…probably because you’re on tumblr so much. :D

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The answer is: read another book.


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